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F6F Hellcat

F6F " Hellcat " by Hobby Master 1:72 HA1112

This Hellcat by Hobby Master, was flown by Lt. H. McWhorter III of the VF-12, USS Randolph 1945. The wingspan is 7 inches, Length is 5.25 inches. The F6F was designed as a Zero Killer. It could fly faster and was more powerful. The kill ratio was 19 to 1. The Hellcat could carry two 1000 pound bombs. It also carried six, five inch rockets. The Hellcat was powered by a 2,000 hp, 18 cylinder engine. Its armament consisted of six .50 caliber machine guns a 2,000 lb bomb load , or six 5 inch rockets. Its max speed was 380 mph, ceiling 23,400 ft and range of 945 miles.

P-39Q AiraCobra by Hobby Master 1:72 HA1708


P-39 Airacobra

The P-39Q AiraCobra flown by Lt. Col. William Shomo of the 71st TRS, 82nd TRG, 1944 SWPA. This diecast plane was created by Hobby Master in 1:72 scale. Length 4.5 inches, wingspan 5.5 inches.

The P-39 was not popular with the allies, however the Soviets appreciated its great performance at low altitudes. They received almost 5000 planes from the U.S.

P-51D " Mustang by Trumpeter #06306P-51D

In 1940 Great Britain requested from the U.S. a better fighter. A prototype was contracted for in April of 1940 and completed in 120 days. The early models used the Allison engine, however performance lagged. It was not until the Merlin Rolls Royce engine was in place that the Mustang's truly became a superior fighter. Approximately 16,000 were produced. Maximum speed for the D model was 437 mph.

This 1:72 scale P-51D model was produced by Trumpeter. It bears the nose art of " Belligerent Bets ".

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